Teamwork and Betrayal

In a game of trust and betrayal a mystery unfolds within a submarine. In the depths of the ocean join a game where 10 submariners try to survive as one of them turns into a Defector looking to assassinate all of his allies!

Sensational Experience

A game shrouded in mystery and strategic lies!
Detect liars or be one yourself!

Smooth Gameplay

One command and you're already playing!
No learning curve!

Server Activity

The most fun you will ever have in a server!
Make friends through unique ways!

Beautiful and creative tasks to solve

Detailed tasks that require speed, attention and your best judgement in order to solve - especially when the Defector attacks!

With 20 stylish characters

A unique color and name for each of the 20 characters. If you pay attention to the gameplay you might even figure out their personality!

And unique roles to play

No matter which role you get assigned, it will never get boring. Even as a Submariner you have the chance to flip the game around - at the right moment!

What are you waiting for?

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You won't regret it!